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Queens College Art Center


Thursday, November 1—Friday, December 21, 2012

Comprising art and commentary in all media contributed by Queens College alumni (the artists’ contemporary work drawing on their personal college history and recollection), this installation will speak to the school’s 75th anniversary, directly addressing what the Queens College experience has meant to students over three-quarters of a century. PRESS RELEASE

Queens College Art Center


Thursday, September 6, 2012 through Friday, October 26, 2012

In tribute to the 75th anniversary of Queens College, the exhibition offers a contemporary viewing of three of the 475 artists presented on campus by Queens College Art Center during the last third of this span, from 1988—1989 to 2012—2013, each artist chosen by one of the Art Center’s curators. Featuring a selection of Sid Kerner’s photographs shown in 1990 and 2007 along with work from Anna Bisso (Suzanna Simor’s choice), Mikhail Gubin’s multimedia work (seen in 2003; chosen by Alexandra de Luise), and Howard Lerner’s paintings and sculpture (2011 and 2012; Tara Mathison’s pick) is placed in the context of the artists’ current work. Curated by Suzanna Simor, Alexandra de Luise, and Tara Mathison. PRESS RELEASE


Queens College Art Center

THIS IS PERSONAL | Michael Ragsdale's 9/11

Tuesday, September 6 - Friday, October 14, 2011

In the chaotic weeks after 9/11, as New Yorkers struggled to make sense of this horrific tragedy, Michael Ragsdale roamed the city gathering ephemera from vigils, lectures, and debates—more than 220 events. For the next seven years, his life revolved around amassing and cataloguing the material. THIS IS PERSONAL, an exhibition of that memorabilia, presents one individual’s response to a day that forever changed the world. PRESS RELEASE
Queens College Art Center

UTOPIA (in perpetuum | forever)

October 20 - January 13, 2012

How do artists learn if not by learning directly from other artists? Nine artists, writers, musicians, and curator will be exposed to the research of artist Will Corwin. As a senior guide, Corwin leads the fall project UTOPIA, acting as an art catalyst for in perpetuum | forever. Featuring Ellis Avery, Will Corwin, G Lucas Crane, Sean Cunningham, Ben Gottlieb, Tara Mathison, Tommy Mintz, Shervone Neckles, Anne Sherwood Pundyk and Carin Riley. PRESS RELEASE | ESSAY BY CHARLES SCHULTZ

Queens College Art Center

RAPUNZEL (in perpetuum | forever II)

February 9 - April 25, 2012

In Perpetuum | forever II is a multi-exhibition structured around the idea that artists continually influence each other. This collective consciousness is central to the evolution of art. As ideas filter through layers of human consciousness, transformations occur. Art is the realization of this collective action, although transformation is rarely immediate or stark. IP | forever II offers a vantage into micro-populations where groups of artists converge around an initial concept, and the emergent collective conscience propels action. Similar to a winemaking solera, IP | forever II nurtures the larger theme of forever by encompassing each solera/lead artist’s research with responses from the participating artist faction. Forever gaining momentum through its recombining context, IP | forever II will continue to amass groups of artists and ideas, uniquely reshaping its overall scope and consciousness through each exhibition. RAPUNZEL's solera/lead artist is Anne Sherwood Pundyk. Featuring Jonas Angelet, Jami Attenberg, Sara Benincasa, Apollonia Colacicco, Will Corwin, G Lucas Crane, Sean Cunningham,Holly Faurot + Sarah H. Paulson, Mary Hanlon, Tamara Jackson, Jodi Jett, Viola Kolarov, Tara Mathison, Tommy Mintz, Kyle Morrison, Shervone Neckles, Anne Sherwood Pundyk, Carin Riley, Kara L. Rooney, Molly Seitz, Cynthia Sweeney, and Gus Yero. PRESS RELEASE

Queens College Art Center

Amulets, Nazars & Evil Eyes: Artists Looking Forward

May 2 – June 29, 2012

Many cultures believe an evil eye can cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. Attempts to ward off the curse of the evil eye have led to proliferation of talismans around the Mediterranean, especially in Turkey. Contemporary artists, writers, and musicians explore the Turkish Evil Eye and find commonality within their own culture. PRESS RELEASE



Queens College Art Center

EDEN | Ceramics by Sin-ying Ho

September 8 - October 26, 2010 | Reception + Artist’s Talk: Wednesday, September 15, 5-8 pm

Using porcelain vessels as her canvas, Ceramist Sin-ying Ho blurs the possessive accoutrement of daily life with the elements of nature. Creating a garden of cultures that hints at collision, symbiosis + fusion. Sin-ying Ho is an assistant professor of art at Queens College. This exhibition is co-sponsored by the Queens College Art Department, PSC-CUNY Research Foundation, Queens Council on the Arts, and Coptor Productions and is part of the Year of China programming for Queens College. PRESS RELEASE
Queens College Art Center

Voices Envisioned: Memories Made in Northern Ireland

Curated by Jill Strauss, Adjunct Professor, Dispute Resolution Program, Department of Sociology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

November 4 – December 23, 2010 | Reception + Curator’s Talk: Thursday, November 4, 5-8 pm

After decades of violent conflict, an intergenerational group of Protestants and Catholics undertook a storytelling and visual art project in Portadown, Northern Ireland, in 2008. The older generation reflected on their past experiences, and the younger generation explored ways of interpreting the elders' memories and feelings creatively in visual form.
The exhibition also documents the workshop process leading to creation of the artworks, which include three textiles and two mixed-media installations. Curator Jill Strauss is an Adjunct Professor in the department of Sociology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. This exhibition is co-sponsored by the Queens College Irish Studies Program. PRESS RELEASE
Queens College Art Center

Cheap Shots: Beijing Bicyclists and Pedestrians | Photograph Installation by Tommy Mintz (Project Room)

January 28 – June 30, 2011 | Reception + Artists' Talk: Thursday, May 5, 5-8 pm

During a trip to Beijing in April 2009, Tommy Mintz shot a surreptitious series of photographs of bicyclists and pedestrians passing by a construction site while he was hidden from view by reflective walls. As a native New Yorker and avid bicyclist, he became fascinated by the way pedestrians and bicyclists alike navigated Beijing, the fourth most densely populated city in China. A New York-based photographer and performance artist, Mintz has shown work in numerous galleries in New York, around the country and in China. He received a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and MFA from Queens College and is currently an Adjunct Lecturer at Queens College. PRESS RELEASE
Queens College Art Center

Express + Local | NYC Aesthetics

January 28 – June 30, 2011 | Reception + Artists' Talks: Thursday, May 5, 5-8 pm

For many New Yorkers, one's borough is the deciding factor for the pizza they eat, the baseball team they cheer and their general attitude about life, but can it influence what kind of art they make? Transplant 15 artists from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island to Queens College Art Center for a five-month residency, as we explore the possible effect of the gallery geography of the Art Center on their work. PRESS RELEASE | ESSAY BY NATALIE HEGERT
Queens College Art Center

How often you feel your breath... | Drawing Installation by Filomena Borecka (Project Room)

May 18 to December 31, 2011

Borecka’s oeuvre is predominantly focused on intricate, large-scale drawings, and installations that are often linked with performances. In this installation, artist creates a reality-based Bank of Breath of different people to investigate the rhythm of life, in collaboration with a French Eranos research laboratory, mapping social mind with drawing + performance.Filomena Borecka was born in Prague and has been living in Paris since 1998. She graduated in 2004 from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Borecka had a solo exhibition at Fugacidad in Circulo de Bellas Artes in 2005, and in 2007 she was a resident of the Nouaison artists residency in France. She has participated in exhibitions in France, Germany, Bosnia, Spain + NYC. POSTER(PDF) | Related Exhibition Survey


Queens College Art Center

ILLUSION|ALLUSION : Sculpture by Susan Sills

May 6 - June 30, 2010

Susan Sills’ whimsical, free-standing sculptures reconstruct the timelines of modern art history, making way for this playful narrative. When these life-sized cutouts are released from the confinements of their frames and thrust into real space and time, familiar images take on new dimensions for the viewer that invariably provoke not only whimsy, but fresh insights into art’s potential future. Susan Sills, a native New Yorker and Queens College alumna, is affiliated with Viridian Artists. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
Queens College Art Center

Crystal Clear | Sculpture + Prints by Claire Lieberman

March 11, 2010—April 30, 2010

Can balance between use and consumption be achieved? What constructions are placed on nature and how do interpretations of nature foster better understanding of preservation needs? Claire Lieberman’s sculptures, prints, videos, and installations propose a critical dialogue on the future of nature and transmit narratives linked to contemporary ideas of survival.
Queens College Art Center

Writing the Body | New Work by Naomi Grossman

November 5, 2009 - February 19, 2010

Focusing on elements of drawing while using a range of materials such as wire, wax, charcoal and photography, Naomi Grossman’s work sensitively portrays the push and pull of power within the tangles of human relationships. Naomi Grossman, New York native and alumna of Queens College, is a mixed media artist whose work frequently deals with issues of power, control, relationships, silenced voices and finding an authentic voice
Queens College Art Center

The Poetics of Transculture

September 9 - October 30, 2009

The Poetics of Transculture is two site-specific installations:

Universal Language: Installation by Franca Marini
A site-specific installation, Universal Language is inspired by the shape of the Queens College Art Center gallery, the importance of written language for human knowledge, and the metaphor of space in libraries. Franca Marini, from Siena, Italy, is a multimedia artist whose work plays with the dimensions of urban lines, landscapes, and transculture. Marini has exhibited extensively in the United States and internationally, and her work is in many collections around the world.

ASTORIA in Poetry and Images: Exile/People/Places: Installation by Nicos Alexiou
Since the 1960s Astoria, Queens, has been home to the largest Greek community outside of Greece. Alexiou’s work speaks to the poetics of Astoria and its influences on Greek American identity. Photographer Sophia Vourdoukis and other Greek American artists parallel Alexiou’s poetry through their own personal documentation of Astoria’s people and places. Nicos Alexiou teaches in the Department of Sociology and The Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies at Queens College. This exhibition is cosponsored by The Center for Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies.


Queens College Art Center

The Fairfield Porter Reading Room

May 5 - 22, 2009

The Fairfield Porter Reading Room, an installation by Tara Mathison based on American painter Fairfield Porter's syllabus when he taught at Queens College. The Reading Room is open to the public from 12 pm - 5 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from May 5 through 22, 2009. Reference and online services will be available.
Queens College Art Center

Jonas Angelet + Drew Malcolm: Strange Games: RJA vs. ALM 2

April 2 - May 2, 2009

Features new paintings and prints from Jonas Angelet and Drew Malcolm, two artists interested in different, but similar threads of social issues and contemporary technology culture. Opening with reception and artist talks on April 2, 2009, 5 – 8 PM.
Queens College Art Center

In House: Brouhaha Ritualsy Business

February 19 - March 30, 2009

An Installation by the LLC. The LLC. is collabortively composed of Kassie Asmann-Teng, Erin Jones, Tara Mathison, Jessica Wilson. Other members include Jenny San Martin.
Queens College Art Center

Re:Rebus (Non Verbis Sed Rebus!): Selections from Queens College Art Library Special Collections

March 9 to April 7, 2009

Rebuses received notoriety from the puzzles composed by French clerks at carnivals for satirical current event commentary. Voltaire was said to have exchanged rebuses with Frederick the Great. In approaching rebuses as a means of communicating with other visually-curious people "Re:Rebus" is curator Tara Mathison's response to Muniz's MoMA Rebus, using the permanent special collection of the Queens College Art Library.


Queens College Art Center

Anna Matoušková: Places: Abstract Paintings, Drawings and Glass Sculpture - Homage to Leo Kraft

Wednesday, April 9 – Thursday, July 10, 2008

In Places, the Czech artist Anna Matoušková uses painting, drawing and sculpture to give an objective form to her inner reflections on music by the American composer Leo Kraft. The project began to take shape five years ago, after Matoušková, a Czech artist, and Kraft, an American composer, musical theorist, author and educator, a Professor Emeritus at Queens College, met in Prague. The two spent hours talking about art and music. Through a continuing dialogue, they discovered that while their media and backgrounds differ, their artistic concerns and creative processes are aligned. In discussing and sharing their work, Kraft and Matoušková developed an artistic friendship that bridges age, gender, nationality and artistic discipline. Their mutual appreciation has enriched and inspired each of them.
Queens College Art Center

White Landscape : Drawings by Jin Lee

Thursday February 7- Friday March 28, 2008

In White Landscape, Jin Lee plays with the idea that life forms develop in unexpected ways. Her intricate, semi-abstract paintings and drawings—often composed from thousands of tiny, dot-like marks—appear to be growing and changing as one observes them. Simultaneously microscopic and cosmically huge, these imaginary biomorphic structures suggest undiscovered plants and animals.
Queens College Art Center

Brush with Nature: Installation Art by Barbara Roux

Monday November 5 – Friday December 21, 2007

Barbara Roux is an ecology-based artist and conservationist whose work is influenced by her efforts to protect habitats and record incidents in natural history. She is inspired by her father (a pharmacologist who did research in the Amazon), her own stays in wilderness areas around the world, and her interactions with scientists on plant-related research, natural history and contemporary art . Her installations/pieces employ symbolism and anthropomorphism to evoke a sense of mystery, freshness and recognition, drawing the viewer in by metaphor.
Queens College Art Center

Face to Face: From See to Shining See; Photographs by Sid Kerner

Monday August 27 - Wednesday October 31, 2007

In the Face to Face series, New York City photographer Sid Kerner gives the viewer an opportunity to experience the human side of familiar, everyday objects. Kerner began observing New York City through the eye of the camera in 1937, when he joined the Photo League at age 17.

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February 9 - April 30, 2015 | Reception | Thursday, March 12 | 6-8 PM

Shelton Walsmith is an Brooklyn artist working primarily in the mediums of painting and photography. His work has been published by The Paris Review, Knopf, Vintage, Rizzoli Books, Paris Vogue, Denver Quarterly, Unsaid Magazine and others. He has exhibited internationally, as well as widely in the United States. Please visit www.sheltonwalsmith.com.
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Surf Show

May 11, 2015 - June 26, 2015

Reception | Thursday, May 14, 2014 | 6-8 PM
Pop-Up Exhibition in The Rockaways | Saturday, June 27 | Location TBD

‪Explore the surf culture of both The Rockaways and South Africa in this summer sport that inspires our Year of South Africa exhibition.